section 001:

my hair is activism

section 002:

my hair is art

section 003:

my hair is my superpower

Welcome To Your

Workshop Portal!

We're excited to finally meet + create

with you and your peers from across the country tomorrow!!!


See below for your creative mentors, fashion challenges, 

schedules + preparation notes & more.

Have a great workshop!

how to prepare

tips on how to get ready

before we begin today

1. review the workshop portal

  + print your workbook

   (download below)!

3. prep your outfit + uniform (scarf)

(see fashion challenge below)

2. prep your supplies!

(don't forget to gather some of your favorite hair accessories)

4.grab your beverage/snack!


    (load up on snacks for your day)

your live workshop

click the highlighted

YouTube link to enter

Join Youtube LIVE:

Topic: Fashion With Friday Academy's Hair Me Roar

(Digital) Workshop

Time: Feb 20, 2021 11:00AM - 6:30PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

workshop etiquette

our list of guidelines

for an awesome workshop experience

1. keep creating

   no matter what!

3. respect + support your 

   creative peers!

2. ask questions!

4.mute your audio when entering

   into the Zoom workshop!

fashion uniform challenge!

1 Creative Scholar will win a special gift for the most creative outfit!

Don't forget to wear your

NHC Uniform Scarf! 

your creative mentors

Ms. Rachel Topping

Co-Founder of Nappy Head Club

Ms. Rachel Polycarpe

NYC Based

Hair Stylist

Ms. Ebonee Davis

Model + Activist + Founder of DAUGHTER ORG

your schedule

our schedule for the day together!



Meet your Creative Scholar

peers, Host & our FWFA Family

+ an intro exercise!

section 001



Section 001; “My Hair is Activism”

w/ Nappy Head Club (1H 15M)

An uplifting hair conversation

+ experiential activity with the

Co- Founder of NHC. 



Grab some lunch,

stretch, dance, repeat! 



Have some fun with your

FWFA Creative Scholar Host;

Hannah Dennis!

section 002



Section 002; “My Hair is Art”

w/ Rachel Polycarpe (2H 15M) 

A fun + experiential hair design

session with Freelance Hair Stylist,

Rachel Polycarpe.



Grab some lunch,

stretch, dance, repeat! 

section 003



Section 003; “My Hair Is My Superpower” 

w/ Ebonee Davis (1H 15M)

A celebratory hair conversation + experiential

activity with Model, Activist & Founder of

DAUGHTER ORG; Ebonee Davis. 



Join the FWFA Director of Wellness

(Ms. Victoria) to create empowering

hair affirmations + win a raffle prize

& say our goodbyes!!!

supply list

your workshop supply list

1. cosmetology hair 

    mannequin or doll

     with hair for styling

4. pencil + pen

7. workshop workbook 

     (printed or on iPad)

2. hair (holding) spray

      + braiding hair!

5. safe scissors for 

     hair styling

8. creativity!

3. colored pencils

   markers or crayons

6. hair pins, clips

    + fun accessories!

9. imagination

10. hair gel or edge          control jam!

11. workshop survival kit


workshop workbook

print a copy or use with your

iPad/Apple Pencil

+ Tablet/ Tablet pencil

fashion with friday academy.jpg

need a copy of the workbook?

download it below!



FWF Academy 2019 Class Photo.png