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FWFA 2020 International Workshop

Our INTL WKSP is designed to teach + mentor the next generation

of aspiring Creative Scholars in Guyana, South America.

Hello FWF Academy Supporters!

My name is Friday Lynton, Founder + Workshop Director for the FWF Academy;

I'm excited to announce that we'll be heading to Guyana, South America

for our 1st International Workshop in July!

However, this INTL Workshop can't happen without your support!  







months until Guyana


Your Donation Matters!

We've curated 3 simple ways

for you to contribute,

feel free to use your

preferred method.

(shown below)



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username: $fwfacademy

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username: @fwfacademy


What's the master plan?

I believe that kids around the world deserve an opportunity to learn the blueprint of how to become a impactful Creative Entrepreneur, so in July 2020, myself & a few volunteers will teach + mentor 60 budding Creative Scholars (ages 8-16) who reside within my family’s home of Ithaca Village located in

the Berbice, West Bank region of

Guyana, South America.

Our core mission is to plant the seed of Creative Critical Thinking and provide

an alternative career + life path

 for the kids of Ithaca.

What are the primary goals + objectives?

Your donation will help us to expand the impact of the NYC workshops

to the Aspiring Creative Scholars of Ithaca Village and allow us to provide

them with an alternative career path + life purpose.


While in Guyana, we will:

  • launch the FWFA's 1st International Workshop

  • provide an experiential & educational workshop

       for the aspiring Creative Scholars of Ithaca Village 

  • supply the school with the necessary educational tools,

  teaching supplies + learning materials

  • contribute to our designated school's physical structure

  via necessary repairs + resources

A home video clip from my previous family trip to Guyana in 2015!

Why Ithaca Village?

Ithaca Village is a small land of magic and love. Though seemingly forgotten and visually underdeveloped, the village holds a highly developed tradition of rich culture and is inhabited by beautiful ambitious people who love and care for each other. The weather is warm and the vibes are on. Many generations ago, my family tree began to grow within this village which holds an estimated population of 1,000 or less with an average household income of around $500USD.


For an aspiring Creative Scholar with potential and determination, creative based education + opportunities are sparse

& career options are super limited;

a choice between the common fields

of education, government & political positions run dominant, leaving little to no option to pursue anything along the creative entrepreneurship path. For continuing education, one must leave the country to experience alternative and

non- traditional options.

Your Donation Matters!

Your donation will provide the wings for

us to do some amazing work while in Guyana.

The explanation is pretty simple and has been broken

down by category to provide insight on where/how

the money will be used:


Category A: Workshop Fees

workshop supplies, workbooks, textbooks,

learning aids & books for 50 Scholars

Category B: Scholars Expenses

uniforms, daily lunch, trip transportation fees for Scholars

Category C: Travel + Room / Board

round trip flights from NYC to Guyana for 3 Volunteers/Creative

Mentors, travel expenses to and from the airport & 

around the village/country + living expenses

Category D: Supply Shipment

pre - shipment of all supplies via shipping services

Category E: School Repairs + Resources

infrastructure repairs for the school, supplies,

learning aids + resources

Why Support?

Imagine this: 10+ years from now,

you'll log onto (insert future social media

platform here) and see that an FWF Academy International Creative Scholar has founded a

business that will change the world, while

thanking you and everyone else who helped the

Academy to successfully execute the INTL WKSP.

Your heart will be warm + full. :)


Cheers to the next generation of

International Creative Leaders + Entrepreneurs!

Thank you for your time, generosity, donations, support

& word of mouth, we truly appreciate it! :)

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#encouragecreativity #creativeentrepreneur #creativescholar

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