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Help us to provide creative + entrepreneurship 
education for our Creative Scholars this summer!

Our current community fundraiser will allow us to provide:
(1) Out-Of-State Scholarship,
(1) Scholarship for an NYC Creative Scholar
+ the resources to actualize an affordable Summer Workshop Experience!


raised of $10,000





week until July Summer Workshop



Hello Creative Supporters, Sponsors, Mentors + Parents, welcome to our Community Fundraiser!

What's FWFA?

Fashion With Friday Academy (FWFA), is an independent fashion + entrepreneurship academy that provides experiential & educational workshops for Creative Scholars (ages 9-15) who display a high potential for creative excellence with a deep curiosity for the world of entrepreneurship.

FWFA connects Creative Scholars to their future career goals and interests through engaging workshops and experiential lesson plans that pertain to ownership/entrepreneurship, creative critical thinking, brand building, unconventional fashion design and peer collaboration.

For 8+ years, we've had the opportunity to teach, mentor + support over 100+ Creative Scholars, who are on track to be the next generation of entrepreneurs, creative leaders, thinkers & collaborators in NYC. We've also had the opportunity to do the same, virtually, with out-of-state Creative Scholars who are located in places like California, Georgia, Texas, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and more.


Together we've explored numerous avenues of the fashion industry via experiential workshops including:


  • Luxury Showroom Workshop: Hermes of Paris Showroom

  • Photoshoot Production Workshop: Sponsored by Holyrad Studio

  • Sneaker Business Pitch Workshop: Foot Locker HQ

  • Hair Me Roar Virtual Workshop: Sponsored by Baby Tress + Nappy Head Club

  • AirMax Design Workshop: Sponsored by NIKE + MEFeater Magazine

fashion with friday academy.jpg

Our Goals + Intentions for Summer 2023

We’re currently preparing for the return of our Academy’s signature In-person Summer Workshop (after 4 long years), scheduled for July 2023. This time around, we’re partnering with some amazing Brands + Creative Mentors from within the industry to provide an interactive creative + entrepreneurship experience, that will educate our Creative Scholars on the ins and outs of design, marketing, product development, and creative critical thinking!

Your donation will help us to expand the impact of our Academy and provide the wings for us to relaunch the FWFA Summer Workshop via the following categories:

  • Category A: Scholarships 

    • 1 full scholarship for an out-of-state Creative Scholar to cover travel + room and board for one week

    • 1 full scholarship for an NYC based Creative Scholar to cover all expenses for the entire week

    • Affordable experience for the remainder of the Creative Scholars in attendance

  • Category B: Workshop Expenses

    • Supplies, Workbooks, Textbooks, Learning Aids, Summer Uniforms, Books​, Trip Expenses, Daily Lunch, Incentives/Gifts, Transportation Fees for Creative Scholars

  • Category C: FWFA Team of Angels

    • Stipends for the core educators, summer youth interns and facilitators who will plan + execute the experiential & educational workshop for our Creative Scholars



Registration for the Summer 2023 Workshop (July 17- July 22) will open on May 22! Feel free to email us for more details (

Your Donation Matters!

Your support will provide the wings for

us to do some amazing work with the Creative Scholars. 

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 13.39.26.jpg

FWFA Creative Scholar (Shaynese) being mentored during our

Photoshoot Production Workshop @ Holyrad Studio (SoHo, NY)

Our Academy has been independently operated & financed
by the donations + support of our amazing community
via supply + monetary donations. All proceeds from our
workshops + merchandise sales are funneled back into our
fundraising initiatives.

Cheers to the next generation of Creative Leaders + Entrepreneurs!

Thank you for your time, generosity, donations, support

& word of mouth, we truly appreciate it! :)

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#encouragecreativity #creativeentrepreneur #creativescholar

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