For almost 5 years,

we've utilized our Workshops as a space to teach, mentor + support Creative Scholars,

who are on track to be the next generation

of entrepreneurs, creative leaders, thinkers

& collaborators in NYC. 


Together we've explored numerous avenues of the fashion industry via experiential workshops including:


  • Luxury Showroom Workshop:                 Hermes of Paris Showroom

  • Digital Photoshoot Production Workshop: Sponsored by Holyrad Studio

  • Sneaker Business Pitch Workshop:      Foot Locker HQ


Creative Mentors discuss their unique

career paths @ our Career Day Workshop,

Sponsored by LIM College (Midtown,NY)

FWF Academy's Workshop Categories



The Summer Workshop began in 2016

(with a leap of faith

+ 5 Creative Scholars)

and has grown

to be an amazing July

experience filled with 


  • creative workshops

  • peer collaboration

  • entrepreneurship

  • unconventional fashion designing

  • luxury store / showroom tours + more!

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after school


Our After School Workshop series allows our Academy's an opportunity to provide experiential fashion + entrepreneurship workshops to Scholars during a portion of

their academic day. 

Available for public, private + charter institutions.


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Interested in enrolling your school or class?

Send us a friendly message via the contact box below or email us at




Our GWE's are programing offered

to the NYC Scholars

via community spaces,

public library branches + sponsored venues.


Workshops include:


  • unconventional fashion designing 

  • photoshoot production

  • mom/dad + me activities

  • creating your own brand 

  • NYFW experiences + more!


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2021 Digital GWE Calendar Coming Soon!



Our Speciality Workshops are offered to those seeking an unconventional, creative + experiential way to celebrate during:


  • birthday parties

  • girls night in

  • holidays

  • school / community events

  • team building + more!

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Interested in booking your next Speciality Workshop?

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Check out some highlights

from our past Workshops + Experiences:

Fashion Exploration

Hermes of Paris NYC Showroom Tour w/ CEO Robert Chavez

Luxury Brand Tour

@ Louis Vuitton


MET Museum Visit:

"Heavenly Bodies" 

Fashion Exhibit

Experiential Workshops

Photoshoot Production Workshop, Sponsored by Holyrad Studio

On set for our 

Fashion Film Workshop (Creating a pilot episode of FWF Academy's "Fashion Or Not"


Fashion Design Workshop

The Fashion Industry, BTS

Mason (Model)


Anaya (Creative Scholar)

LIM College

Fashion Show

BTS Tour

Bloomingdales BTS Store Tour

For more images of our Workshops + Experiences, 

feel free visit the @fwfacademy instagram!